Intelligent user interfaces

Evie creates a smarter, AI-assisted user experience using deep learning.

Content Understanding

Creating a machine understanding of content.

We've built domain specific ML models that extract meaning from documents (including text, images, and videos).

Using these models, documents are converted into neural embeddings, allowing machines to compare one item to another. We then tag content with entities from the knowledge graph, giving users an simple way of expressing their preferences.

These embeddings also allow us to compare documents to users, and perform search queries that go beyond naive string matching.


Generating relevant recommendations for every user.

FeedBrain, our proprietary system, assembles content recommendations taking into consideration global content relevance, per user relevance, diversity, and topic duplication.

Our model learns from users interactions with content and is capable of bridging data from different domains. This feedback loop allows our system to automatically improve the quality of recommendations as users engage with the content.

We do not require any PII (personally identifiable information) in order to learn about the user's interests.


Swipe right for content that matters to you.

Sourcing from a wide range of news and video publishers, we have created a newsfeed that lets you discover new content that's tailored to you. It automatically learns a user's interests as well as giving them explicit controls on topics that interest them.

FeedBrain is used in the newsfeed to improve daily user engagement by 700%.

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