Evie makes intelligent interfaces

By teaching computers to understand the world, we simplify how we use our devices.

Structured Knowledge

Our entity graph brings structure to the world.

Machine-readable knowledge is the foundation of intelligent systems. We’ve built a model that continuously learns more about the world by extracting meaning from text.

This model captures not only facts, but relationships and possible actions between people, places, and things.

Evie Launcher

Making Android fast and simple.

Leveraging our structured knowledge of the content and actions available inside of apps, Evie Launcher is a home screen with search as the primary means of navigation. Tell Evie what you want to do and it'll show you which apps will get it done.

Since launching late last year, Evie has become the #1 rated and fastest-growing launcher on Google Play with over 1M installs and a 4.6/5 rating.

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Search and discovery on the minus-one screen

In concert with carrier and OEM partners, we are bringing Evie’s universal search and AI-powered contextual recommendations to the leftmost screen of every Android device.

We are excited to launch Sidescreen with Verizon as our first carrier partner.

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What's Next

The future of intelligent interfaces.

We believe the next shift in human-computer interaction fuses AI with deep domain knowledge. We're hard at work evolving our current products and building new ones oriented in this direction.